About Jeff Hammerberg

Born in Minnesota and residing in Denver, CO since 1981 - Jeff is a published author, a certified personal coach, speaker and multiple business owner. Jeff has a solid record of accomplishments with both his military career and his real estate career spanning 36 years. He believes in utilizing his experience and skills in offering himself as a role model to his team, the students and coached individuals at FixAndFlip.com.

His fix-and-flip journey began in 1995 where he represented the largest fix-and-flip investor in Denver, CO. During this time he scouted properties, evaluated deals, analyzed the back end, while writing multiple offers each month for the investor, and gradually entered the fix-and-flip business himself. With his own company he focused on single family homes, eventually broadening his expertise to incorporate legal duplex splits, condominium conversions, and property re-purposing. With his carefully selected team including; real estate agents, surveyors, attorneys, contractors and multiple sub-contractors, he has renovated and converted just about every type of property imaginable – particularly interesting have become “change of use” type properties. Jeff has been directly or indirectly involved in the fix-up of hundreds of properties over his career.

Prior to working in the fix-and-flip industry he worked in security, operations and management for BCED (Bell Canada Enterprise Development), was the Director of Asset Management for the Linpro Company in Denver, and a member of Remax’s prestigious 100% Club, where he was a top producing agent at ReMax Professionals.

Near the top of his list of accomplishments, Jeff bought the Metro Brokers Cherry Creek office and built it from initially being a 6 agent office to a highly successful 70 agent office. He later sold this company in 2005.

Jeff’s love has been introducing individuals and couples to the world of fix-and-flips, sharing his expertise. He recognizes the huge impact this business can have in changing the direction of one’s life – good market or bad; you can work 40+ hours per week in a J-O-B, or make the equivalent of an annual salary… in one flip!