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Any money-making or time-saving tips, tricks and secrets are more than enough reason to join our insider club. But to make it more of a slam dunk decision, I’m providing you our top three.

1.’s Insider’s Club is the only insider club within the fix-and-flip business giving full access to its founder and fix-and-flip guru Jeff Hammerberg.

Imagine being able to have 24-7 access to a fix-and-flip guru that has been involved in hundreds of flips | ask a question, get an answer.

How much time and money would you save by turning to a trusted source instead of wandering all over the internet hoping you’re finding unbiased and up-to-date advice?

2. Tap in to the collective knowledge and expertise of other fix-and-flip contractors.

You’ll have the opportunity to post a question, with an entire community of fix-and-flip contractors available to provide answers – you’ll also have the opportunity to help others in an issue they’ll experiencing;

  • Financing problems
  • Surprises during the inspection
  • The permit maze
  • Safety and security for your project
  • Budgeting and contracts
  • Taxes and reinvestment. And more…

The Insiders Club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This means you can ask your questions on your schedule, not ours. We respond to EVERY question. Often the same day.

Tap into the collected knowledge and expertise of your fellow members. That’s hundreds of years of accumulated expertise at your fingertips.

3. Insider Club ONLY audio and video content is an interactive learning and coaching environment.

The Insider’s Club has an entire section dedicated to providing Audio and video lessons, and insider tips based on what we’ve seen work in our business, and our clients businesses.

From individual “one flip at-a-time” companies to those building powerful real estate portfolios. We’ve helped all of them succeed despite competition, shortages of money, time, and other resources, and pretty much every conceivable obstacle you can image.

If you’re looking for the latest “No Money Down” program… or “Get Rich Without Working” seminar… you’re in the wrong place.

4. Member’s Only Sales and Bonuses

Discounts on webinars, products and private consulting (online and face-to-face). Members get discounts and special deals that the public never even hears about.

… for less than $1 per day.

If you join us today, you’ll pay just $29 for a full month of membership. From the very first day, you’ll have access to Jeff Hammerberg, me, my team, and all of the training audio and video, lessons, insider files and forms, and other fix-and-flip specialists.

Your membership will continue for as long as you like… for as long as The Insider’s Club is a valuable resource to you and your business. You can cancel your membership at any time and not owe us another cent.

Are you ready to step inside the private, members only world of Jeff Hammerberg, and his band of fix-and-flip experts?

Then just click the button below. We’ll email your account access information right away. Which means you’ll be capitalizing on the benefits of your membership in just a few minutes.

What are you waiting for?

P.S. – Jeff Hammerberg charges (and gets) $1,500 for 1 hour of private consulting. And $10,000 for his mentoring program. For less than $1 a day, you can ask Jeff and the Team any question you have about the fix-and-flip business – from finding and buying to budgeting and construction to marketing and sales.

How can you not turn this small investment into the most profitable decision you’ve made this year?