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  • Sep 2017
Fix & Flip Business Revenue Streams

Oct 30, 2017 / Revenue Tips

The fix-and-flip business offers a few different sources to earn revenue - our primary focus is on buying, fixing and selling homes because this is where the big money is at, leading to the freedom and lifestyle you desire.If you don't have the cash and or confidence to get started with your first fix-and-flip, there is always the "Birddog / Wholesaler" route, which takes zero cash, zero credit, and you can earn $3,000.00 to $7,500.00 or more per deal! Bird Dog / Wholesaler The bird dog / wholesaler finds fix-and-flip properties and presents them to fix-and-flip contractors. You bring the deal and the fix-and-flip More...

Fix and Flip Property - Express Evaluation

Oct 16, 2017 / Real Estate News

Our most valuable commodity as a fix and flip contractor is our time… time is money. If you've been in the fix and flip business for a while you understand that everyday you're spending time visiting the property, you're spending time talking with contractors, you're spending time looking for the perfect products for the fix up, you’re spending time analyzing invoices, you’re spending time writing checks, you’re spending time marketing for the next property, you're spending time with your realtor analyzing current properties… you get the idea. Here at FixAndFlip.com we've come up with an “Express More...

Fix and Flip or Fix and Hold?

Oct 16, 2017 / Fix and Flip

Now our primary purpose as Fix and Flip contractors is to find, buy, fix and flip properties for a profit, this is how we make our money. But many times what I see with Fix and Flip contractors is they are spending every penny they're making, living an extravagant life while not thinking about the future. Being in the fix and flip business we have the perfect opportunity to start accumulating a real estate portfolio. Some of the wealthiest people I know have gotten there with owning real estate - so it's never too late and the time is now More...

Write a Winning Purchase Offer

Oct 16, 2017 / Fix and Flip

When it comes to buying properties it’s imperative that everything about your fix-and-flip company exudes professionalism, which includes the offer you’ll write and present to the seller. If you’re still working out the details, it’s fine to write a one page proposal outlining the price and brief details of the offer; cash offer, amount of earnest money, closing date, commission if any, no physical inspection, etc. Once the details are hammered out, time for a formal offer. I’d suggest working with your real estate agent to write the offer – he/she won’t get paid More...

Fix and Flip Financing; Just the Fact’s Ma’am

Oct 16, 2017 / Real Estate News

I’m always amazed by the late TV charlatan’s hawking their real estate get rich quick schemes to the sleep deprived. There is one thing I’d like to tell you… there are no (zero | none) “No Money Down” homes for sale on the market today in a very large, large, large majority of the country, and if you find one, chances are the property won’t work as a fix-and-flip because it’s either way over-priced or in such a depressed market you’ll never get it re-sold. Forget the tricks and schemes used on unsuspecting homeowners. Let More...