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  • Sep 2018
Where Do You Get Your Seed Money?

May 15, 2018 / Fix and Flip

If you’re ready to get into the fix and flip world, you’re going to need some money (unless you’re doing the bird dog approach). If you don’t have a nest egg you’re willing to invest, there are a few different options. The one you go with depends on how much money you have for your down payment and what kind of financial risk you’re willing to take. Hard Money Lenders Hard money lenders usually require that you have a down payment of at least ten percent. These private investors often have higher interest rates More...

What Do You Need to be a Fix-and-Flipper?

May 03, 2018 / Fix and Flip

To those without any experience remodeling homes or working in real estate, it may seem impossible to become a fix and flip expert. But the good news is that this is one area where experience is helpful but not necessarily required. Even if you’ve never taken on remodel projects or worked as a contractor, you can learn those skills. You can also learn about the real estate industry, so it’s okay if you don’t understand how buying and selling properties work yet. You will. What About Money? You don’t have to be rich to get into More...