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  • Sep 2018
The Owner-Occupant Plan

Jun 18, 2018 / Fix and Flip

So you’re in need of money to purchase a house to fix and flip. Borrowing money is often fairly costly. You can have high interest rates, need to pay about ten percent as your down payment, and often have a balloon payment to deal with. If you buy a home that you plan to occupy, though, you’ll find that you do get some breaks. Purchasing real estate or a house as your second home has extra costs. That’s why going the owner-occupant route is often a better deal. The Loan Owner-occupied housing is the legal term for More...

TV Fix and Flip Shows – Reality Verses Television

Jun 02, 2018 / Fix and Flip

You’ve probably seen a fix and flip show on TV or at least heard of one. These reality shows follow a flipper or team of flippers as they find a home, buy it for next to nothing, do the renovations, and then sell it for a nice profit. But how real are these shows? Do they accurately show you what your life will be as a fix and flipper? Like most TV shows, there’s a bit of truth here, but there’s also a very large amount of fiction. It’s Not as Easy as it Seems The More...