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  • Sep 2018
Take a Drive, Find a Property, Make Some Money!

Aug 15, 2018 / Fix and Flip

In an earlier post, I talked about marketing and the different ways you can get people to come to you with their fix and flip properties. But that’s not the only way to find great renovation properties. You can also approach homeowners and ask if they’re interested in selling. Of course, there’s no point in asking every homeowner you meet. Most aren’t going to be interested. Instead, you need to pinpoint those who may be looking to offload their property. The best way to do that is to go for a drive. Driving the Neighborhood to More...

How Important Is Marketing to the Fix and Flipper?

Aug 01, 2018 / Fix and Flip

Like many people, you probably assume that as a fix and flip expert, your top priority should always be on the remodeling you’re doing to homes. But like many other markets, that’s not actually the case. Instead, your #1 job should always be marketing. Without a strong, consistent marketing plan in place, you’ll find that it’s very difficult to succeed as a fix and flip expert. What Marketing Does Why do you need to have an automated marketing system in place? There are two important reasons: Your marketing activities bring in potential buyers for your properties, which More...