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What I love about Fix and flip business
The benefits of the fix and flip business as explained by the Founder and Head Coach at
Flip your first house with Zero down
Buy a fix-up property without using your own money! no down, zero down home loans.
Find Cash for your Fix and Flip
Lets talk about alternative sources of financing for that "down payment" 10 to 20% you'll need to purchase that fix and flip.
Free Property Inspection Form
This Property Inspection Form makes it easy to walk through a property you're considering buying, and remember what you have ...
Fix and Flip Business
Why get started in the fix and flip business? How do I get started in the fix and flip business? ...
Hiring a fix and flip contractor
Take three minutes to view this video on hiring a fix and flip contractor. One of the most critical steps ...
Fix and Flip Fast Start Checklist
The first steps to fix and flip success - The ABC's of fix and flips. Where to start, what step ...
Financing your Fix and Flip
Where and how to finance your fix and flip property - sources, rates and tips about financing a fixer.
Finding fix and flip properties
Where to find a fix and flip property to buy? Creative ideas to find fix and flip properties in competitive ...