Fix and flip marketing 101 - mining for gold

the keys to fuel your business.

Do You Want To…

  • Position Yourself as The Expert
  • Develop a Market Strategy
  • Automate Your Marketing

At "Fix and Flip Marketing 101- Mining for Gold", Jeff Hammerberg will share the secrets to bringing consistency of opportunities to your fix-and-flip business. We’ll discuss positioning, unique marketing opportunities, auto-pilot programming, and develop a marketing blueprint.

Marketing is a commitment. There's no getting around it. If you have a business, then you have no choice but to make a commitment to marketing on a consistent basis until the day comes when you decide you don't want a business anymore.

In this highly popular webinar Jeff will share in detail his proven successful step-by-step marketing strategies, which will help you smooth out the ups and downs of the business, enjoying consistent opportunities and revenue.

Here’s what will happen with your business after taking the "Fix and Flip Marketing 101" webinar…

1. You' be able to stop wondering where your next deal is coming from.

Imagine not having to worry where your next flip property is coming from. This program will provide you not only the knowledge you need about marketing, but the marketing tools, templates and programs you can implement today. If you don’t have a plan – your plan is to fail! Let's ensure your success and longevity.


2. You'll be introduced to a strategic marketing plan, to generate leads.

Your job whether you realize it or not, is marketing! Marketing is about frequency, about your target market seeing you over and over again until they're finally ready to sell. Without that very important frequency and consistency, your business will start to stagnate and eventually die.

3. You'll have the power and freedom to say no to deals – giving you choice.

Having the ability to say no, gives you power in negotiations. When you have the ability to say no, oftentimes these potential deals will come back to you, at your price and terms.


4. You'll generate your own automated marketing lead funnel.

Sending out a random letter, or occasional classified ad is not a marketing strategy. We’ll bring together the pieces of a marketing plan, tailored for your needs, which will drive leads to your business - bringing consistency to your business and life.