Earn Thousands Without Touching Your First Flip.

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  • The #1 Key to Fix & Flip Success
  • Master Farming for Properties
  • Building a Wholesale Empire

At "Property Hawk – Your Key to Success", Jeff Hammerberg will share the secrets of breaking into the fix-and-flip business with zero money. Master the base principles required for lasting success in the fix-and-flip business, earning thousands on each assignment, and move quickly into your first offical fix-and-flip.

It takes money to get into the fix-and-flip business - there's no getting around it. We'll teach you the secrets of farming to find fix-and-flip properties that you can quickly wholesale to active fix and flip investors, earning thousands with zero risk.


In this highly popular webinar Jeff will share in detail his proven successful step-by-step farming strategies; strategies which earned him 100k per year years ago in the real estate business. The "Gold" in the fix-and-flip business is the product, a dilapidated property. Those with the gold make the rules!

Here's what will happen after taking the "Property Hawk – Your Key to Success" webinar…

1. You'll be introduced to becoming a "Property Hawk".

Property Hawks (Wholesalers) are the entire lifeblood of our business. The entire fix-and-flip success business model is based upon being able to find, contract, fix and flip properties. The most important piece is finding the right deal! Find those deals and flip them to investors for profit.


2.You'll have the tools and confidence to start earning money immediately.

Forget about gathering the funds required to get started on your first fix-and-flip. We'll teach you the process of farming for leads, generating an express evaluation, contracting on the property, and assigning the deal for an instant profit!

3. Master the most important aspect of fix-and-flip business.

Hands down – the most important aspect of the fix-and-flip business is finding the right deal(s). You'll become the "go-to" person; controlling inventory, offering properties to investors & keeping the diamond in the rough for your own fix-and-flip.


4. Become the hometown expert.

As the local Property Hawk you'll become the "go-to" person for individuals looking for a quick sale. Our training provides the tools and scripts necessary to build relationships with the media, estate attorneys, financial planners, assisted living directors and more.